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Welcome to the Monsters' Den Chronicles WikiEdit

The official wiki for Monsters' Den Chronicles, the the third Flash RPG created by Monstrum games.

Monstrum games are the work of Dan Stradwick (also known as "garin"), a designer and programmer originally from New Zealand but now residing in Melbourne, Australia.

The sequel to Chronicles, Monsters' Den: Godfall has recently been launched as a Kickstarter project and is on Greenlight!

Monsters' Den: Godfall is a  downloadable game for PC and Mac, larger in scope and richer in content than ever before!

This site is powered by the community, so add your discoveries!

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About the GameEdit

Monsters' Den Chronicles is a single-player fantasy role-playing game. The player controls a team of up to four heroes as they explore dungeons, collect treasure, and engage in a series of turn-based battles.

Chronicles is the sequel to Monsters' Den and its expansion, Monsters' Den: Book of Dread, and is followed in the series by the (planned) Monsters' Den Godfall.

Warning: This game can become addicting searching the various nooks and crannies around the lower dungeons. A bit like Rogue from the 80's in map style. The skill selection flows nicely with various mix ups of players. The fun is finding various "Set" armors and combining runes, shards and other socketables for unique item combinations. One suggests beefing up on Act 1 before setting out on other various quests.

General TopicsEdit

Wiki Editing Guidelines (structure)Edit

Quick summary: All pages should have at least one link to them from a broader page and one link back to a broader page (except for the main page).

Links and new/existing pagesEdit

The purpose of this section is to attempt to set some guidelines for those interested in adding new pages or internal links to the Wiki (anonymous editors welcomed as well). If you are intstead interested in fillng out an already-existing page's contents then most of this should not concern you, however at the time of writing most pages still do not have appropriate link(s) back (will explain) so if you could add these at the end of the page it would be very helpful. Also if something is unclear feel free to comment here or on the talk page .

In order to best present the information on the wiki, it is best to first have an idea about what the structure of the wiki should look like. Following will be a general outline followed by a given example.

To begin, a user should be able to start on the main page (this page) of the wiki, click links to subjects that are at first very broad (the General Topics section of the main page) but get progressively narrower until reaching a page about a single "thing" ("thing" could be something like a monster, item, ability etc.), then click links back to the main page. Kind of envision the main page as being the trunk of a tree, and a full path to a "thing" being one of the tree's branches, with the "thing" being a single leaf of the tree. Here's an example of a branch (one direction, choosing a long branch that's incomplete on purpose):

Main Page->Game Concepts->The Emporium->Items->Equipment->Weapons->Swords->Mageblade

Upon reaching Mageblade, the user should be able to follow links back through the branch to the main page. Note that this branch is not complete (at the time of this writing there is no Swords page). Also some of the links forward (and most of the links back) have not been implemented; there is no link from Equipment to the Weapons page. There's also other parts of the branch that could use tidying but for the moment we're focusing on structure and not content.

Note also that there can be links within a page that allows a user to choose quicker or alternate paths down a branch. For example considering the previous branch:

Main Page -> Game Concepts -> The Emporium->Weapons->Swords->Mageblade (Emporium contains link directly to Weapons; quicker path)

Main Page -> Items -> Equipment->Weapons->Swords->Mageblade (alternate branch to Mageblade)

Choosing what page(s) to link back to is somewhat trickier, but the general idea is to link back to the related page(s) broader than the page in question, but as narrow as possible. For example, Mageblade could link back to Swords, while Equipment could link back to Items and The Emporium. An example of what not to do would be to have Mageblade link back to Weapons (note that the current setup is that it is linked to from Epic Equipments instead of Swords, which shows what happens when there's conflicting ideas about how to organize information) since Weapons is too broad. Usually (probably always) there should only be one or two links back to broader pages.

Using this concept should give you an idea about what pages should link to your page, and what pages your page should link to. Thanks for reading!

Category pages vs regular pagesEdit

You may have noticed that some pages have both a category page and a regular page. For example Category:Weapons and Weapons. In time this issue will be dealt with (most likely using redirects) but for now feel free to edit either page. In the future these pages will be merged, probably into the appropriate Category page because Category pages contain extra functionality.

"Things" with the same name that are differentEdit

This situation seems to be cropping up ocassionally. For example there is "Endless Hunger" the ability and "Endless Hunger" the condition. There are two ways to deal with this problem. Either multiple similar pages could be created (say Endless Hunger (ability) and Endless Hunger (condition) ) with the Endless Hunger page being a disambiguation page (that just means it contains links to both the ability and condition pages) or a single Endless Hunger page which describes both the ability and condition and has multiple links back. For now either will work but there should be a concensus later on for consistency in the wiki.

Redirection pages, merging, and other detailsEdit

For now do not worry about this. Redirection pages are very low priority, for now the wiki needs to focus more on properly creating new pages/editing existing pages and filling them with appropriate content rather than smaller details like redirection, merging, image cleanup etc.

Conflicts/differences of opinionEdit

These are inevitable, the best way to resolve any issues that crop up is to use the appropriate talk page for wherever there is a dispute and try to work things out. If two people cannot come to an agreement then try posting the issue on this page's talk page and see what other users have to say.

Wiki Editing Guidelines (content)Edit

For now don't worry about this too much, edit as you see fit. Pages need to have content in them before we start harping over what is in them. Just make sure to follow the linking guidelines to some degree. Short summary for linking guidelines if you don't feel like reading the above section is that each page should have at least one link to a broader page and one to a narrower page barring the main page and pages about very specific "things" respectively.


I'm starting to build some kind of guide/walkthrough with tips, recommendations, strategies, etc. I'm not sure about the way to organize things so I'm just gathering information on a Guide page for now. Ipodah 13:18, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

Keep on building the Guide page, then when you're finished delete this section and create a link to the page from the main page (this page) under the "General Topics" section. Also I'd probably rename the Guide page to something like "Strategies & Tips" or something similar, I'll leave that to your preference. 1234qwerty4321 16:57, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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